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Phillips Chevrolet's Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles


Phillips Chevrolet in Frankfort, Il, has just opened an 8 stall solar charging station for electric vehicles.  It is the first auto dealership solar charging station constructed in Illinois.  It has 5 charging stations and is free to the public.  Stop by and see the latest technology, and test drive the electric Chevy Volt.

For further information, please contact Curtis Pascarella at curtis@phillipschevrolet.com


Frequently Asked  Questions:
How does the Solar Charging Station make electricity from the sun?
The solar panel contains photovoltaic cells that capture photons from the sun. The photon energy from light frees electrons from atoms inside the photovoltaic cells causing an imbalance of change between top and bottom surfaces. Like the negative and positive terminals of a battery, a voltage potential is capture in a circuit to form electricity.
How much electricity will the Solar Charging Station generate?  
Our 8 stall solar canopy on average generate 32,00 kwh per year. This is enough electricity to charge the Chevrolet volt 4,500 times a year, which is equivalent to 12 cars receiving a full charge a day

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